Your Guide to Building a Better Instagram Following


Instagram is a tough world filled with tough competition. It might seem impossible to build up your following to the hundreds of thousands or even the hundreds of followers. With time, patience, luck, and consistency you can build up your Instagram following to be as big as the greats!

A little background on me: I’ve been using social media to build up companies for more than five years. As the youngest of the marketing groups, big businesses would always look towards me to help them “speak to millennials”. From TheDisneyFox to Attractioneering, I have grown and maintained followings on Instagram by taking the steps below:

Find Something You Love to Do That’s Unique to You

Everyone can smell a poser from a mile away! You always want to make sure that your Instagram focuses on something that you are in love with whether that be make up, design, fashion, or travel. You need to own your category and make it unique to you! 

Once you find your category of interest, then you can start working on adding in your personality and style into each and every post. Always remember that if you like something, there are probably a million other people that like it too.

Pick a Color Scheme and a Style

What’s your favorite color? Influencers on Instagram perform best when they have a cohesive feed with a color scheme or style. Kawaii fashion gurus may want to go towards pink/pastel colors while gothic grunge lovers embrace the darkness. Of course there are always those that break the mold and do something unexpected! 

Either way you want to maintain consistency throughout your Instagram feed. This gives people something to look forward to and a reason to follow you.

Post Great Content at Least 5 Times a Week

If you’re looking to build your Instagram, treat it like a job. You should keep on posting at least five times a week or once a day to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content. In all honesty, engagement means a lot more than followers to businesses and brands that you may want to work with in the future.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics

Your analytics are like your social media health bar. You want to make sure that you’re posting at times that people are online and are interacting with your content. In your analytics you can also see who’s following you, where they’re from, and how old your audience is. This information should guide the kind of content and language you use in the future.

Identify Your Competition

You’re not the only fish in the sea and you’re bound to find other accounts just like yours in your “category”. Look at competition who has a similar following to you and find out what they’re doing that you’re not! It would be classless to copy their every move, but noticing what trends they are on top of might be a good idea. 

Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are an easy way to change your follower count, but are usually horrible for creating an engaging audience who cares about your day-to-day content… always keep that in mind. Most importantly, never pay to enter a giveaway. If you’re small, always try to go in with other accounts or brands who have a greater following than you. Make sure that you’re giving away something that people really want, set a dollar value, and go for it!


Try to Get Featured 

Getting featured on an Instagram page that has thousands or even millions of followers is a sure fire way to build up your following very quickly. Try to get featured on an outlet that is relevant to your interests to get the best results. Here are some ways that I would go about this:

  • Submit your content to a repost account

    • In every community, there is an account that reposts content and some of them have garnered millions of followers. Reach out to them about reposting your own content for a chance to be featured!

  • Become an unpaid brand ambassador

    • Do you have more than 2,000 followers already? Reach out to companies for product in exchange for content by emailing them, DMing them, or joining an influencer network. If your content is good enough, they’ll share it to their page and practically build a following for you!

  • Use niche hashtags for a chance to go viral

    • Instead of using the over saturated hashtags with millions of people posting to it, try using hashtags that are more specific and only have around 10,000-30,000 posts. This heightens your chances of being seen. 

Build up other Social Media Outlets

With social media, you’re really just looking to get lucky and go viral at least once! Having more social media outlets just heightens those chances. Plus, there’s a good chance that all those people following your other accounts on migrate over to your Instagram account as well.

Pay to Boost Your Posts

Instagram makes it so that the richer you are, the less you have to try. If you’re loaded and have the cash to do it, just boost your posts and watch the engagement roll in. Of course, you’ll have to be a little well-versed on online advertising to do well.

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