Hello! Welcome to Carise Pernell Design Company!

Carise in her natural habitat.

Carise in her natural habitat.

A little bit about me - I am Carise Pernell, 24 years old, and female living in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. I have been immersed in different pieces of American culture ever since I was a child, starting off in Miami, Florida, moving over to New Orleans, Louisiana, then Queens, New York, relocating to Douglasville, GA, and then finally moving back here to Orlando, Florida. In Orlando is where I completed the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World and graduated with my B.S. in Graphic Design at Full Sail University (2017). I then joined the Theme Park Entertainment Association and opened up a partnership company and retail stored called Attractioneering Trading Company. Since then, I have placed much focus into my design capabilities and will go any lengths to improve them! 

So welcome to my one and only design company, the first step to owning and operating my very own design firm where I will be able to help hundreds of small business build to their potential through marketing, design, and planning! That is indeed the dream. I need your help to do this, and I'm willing to work with you guys on pricing, demand, and more. I understand what it's like to own a small business and have those extra expenses!

But here is where we begin, with just a suitcase and a dream I'll be working my way to this seemingly impossible goal by starting with you. That's right - every logo, advertisement, and website that I design for each of you brings me just one step closer to my goal and gives me a hell of a lot more practice and experience! 

So if you'd like to help bring me just one step closer, contact me online today or email me at design@carisepernell.com.

Carise Pernell